Immeral Coldstone

Arrogant ice wizard with a heart of gold.


Name: Immeral “Immi” Coldstone (Birth name Immeral Peaceblade)
Level: 11
Race: Eladrin
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Wizard/Sorcerer
Paragon Path: Blizzard Mage
Epic Destiny: Demigod

Str: 11 (+0)
Con: 15 (+2)
Dex: 14 (+2)
Int: 20 (+5)
Wis: 15 (+2)
Cha: 15 (+2)

AC: 23
Fort: 22
Ref: 24
Will: 24

HP: 64

Magical Gear:
* Armor: Robe of Scintillation +2
* Head: Goggles of Aura Sight
* Neck: Fireflower Amulet +3
* Hands: Gloves of Storing
* Waist: Belt of Vim +1
* Feet: Oceanstrider Boots
* Implement (1): Staff of Winter +1
* Implement (2): Tome of the North Winds +3
* Item: Power Jewel

* Arcane Admixture (Thunder Wave into Freezing Bolts)
* Arcane Prodigy (Sorcerer Multiclass)
* Dual Implement Spellcaster (Staff/Tome)
* Enlarge Spell
* Lasting Frost
* War Wizardry
* Wintertouched


Immeral Coldstone was born Immeral Peaceblade, son of Soveliss and Mariele Peaceblade, in an Eladrin Village in the Feywild. He was a brash and lively child, often getting in fights as a pre-pubescent boy. Even at a young age, it was apparent that the child had an affinity for magic. He decided on his goal of becoming a world-famous archmage one day, and his parents approved; after all, his father was a very powerful wizard himself, who had protected the village for many years.

However, those plans started to fall apart when Immeral was in his teenage years. He became a very rebellious and arrogant adolescent whose only goal became to have as much fun and cause as much eldritch chaos as possible. This upset his father, who was a very stern and calm man. Immeral and his father had a series of falling-outs, culminating in Immeral leaving the village altogether, and attending a magic school in a nearby human city.

However, his old ways continued, and he found it difficult to pay attention in his classes. The human city brought copious amounts of vices with it; Alcohol, women, and gambling constantly tempted the young wizard. Soon enough it became clear that Immeral’s schooling was failing. He gave it one last shot before quitting altogether.

Although he never paid attention in school, Immeral’s inherent magical talent always shined through in his ability to manipulate cold magic. He was an especially powerful Ice mage; he could conjure up blizzards and sheets of icy terrain without a second’s notice. Immeral took this natural affinity to heart and began to study the arts on his own, leaving the classroom behind. Soon enough he felt like he learned all he could about Ice mastery from books, and left the city to search for adventure and his destiny.

In a bar in a large city far from his own home, he met the amicable dwarf Hershey and the adventrous robot Cogsworth. They were forming an adventuring party, so Immeral quickly spun a lie about his graduation in a prestigious wizard school, and the two added him to their party. He has been traveling with them ever since, and slowly but surely, becoming close friends with all of them.

* Hershey: “The dwarf is exactly the kind of man you want to have on your side of the fight.. and he can also drink anyone under the table.”
* Cogsworth: “I think he’s the only one in this party that’s absolutely, completely reliable. Well, except for me.”
* Raven: “Talking to her is like talking to a very pretty wall. She has started to open up more recently though, so she’s better to be around. Did I mention really pretty?”
* Locura: “Dear god, that guy can eat a lot. But man, can he shoot.”
* Malley: “I swear he’s got his own little world inside that big head. But sometimes, when you look in those eyes, you can see a world of inner fire and anguish. I just don’t want to be around when he lets it out.”

Immeral Coldstone

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